Dennis helped me to build respectful, trusting relationships

Nurturing a culture of respect and trust

Strengthening, motivating and inspiring faculty and support staff

Our Vision for Higher Education

Building on our unique, customized approach to coaching and developing academic leaders, ALP will enhance mutual respect, leadership and equity in higher education and positively advance university culture

Cultivating Academic Leaders

Take your organization to the next level with our programs designed to strengthen
and enhance leadership skills of academic administrators.

Mission Alignment

Drive department action by
leading with guiding principles

Team Inspiration

Strengthen collaboration and
motivate faculty and support staff

Competency Enhancement

Develop self-awareness to improve
interpersonal and strategic leadership

Communication Optimization

Manage relationships and
face conflict constructively

Tailored Programs to Fit Your Need

Academic Leadership Program

Our signature offering, ALP helps department chairs solve problems and develop critical skills to
resolve dilemmas through collaborative modules and one-on-one coaching.

“After participating in ALP I now work to inspire faculty and staff to move beyond their strengths, challenge themselves and grow as individuals.”

Academic Leadership Perceptions 180 & 360

Far from the annual faculty evaluation, this powerful tool is designed to assess chair leadership competencies, identify development needs and explore leadership styles.

“As professors, we are focused on teaching and research and aren’t trained in interpersonal relations. This was invaluable in helping me to understand and fulfill the responsibilities of my new leadership role.”

Academic Executive Coaching

This one-to-one process focuses on strengthening leadership skills through self-awareness,
self-reflection and problem-based learning through solution-focused coaching.

“The one-to-one executive coaching gave me the opportunity to discuss issues in confidence, dissect different approaches to resolve difficult issues, and try out new strategies to lead tough conversations.”

On-Time Executive Coaching

If you have an urgent dilemma in your department you need to resolve immediately, call us to schedule a brief executive coaching, solution-centered session today.

“There is no substitute for putting leadership training to work on relevant challenges. It was a capstone experience for me that produced results my colleagues noticed and appreciated.”

Our Academic Clients