Academic Executive Coaching

“When I first met Dennis as my Executive Coach I thought this was going to be about changing the faculty. But now I realize this is really about changing myself ― how I communicate, collaborate to resolve differences and lead the department. It’s more about looking at myself and learning what I can do differently, which isn’t what I expected. But it’s working. I’m seeing improvements in the department, and that’s all due to what I’m doing differently.”
Associate Professor and Chair of Linguistics and Cognitive Science

Universities rely on leaders who foster trust, build morale, and motivate colleagues.  These leaders communicate with a range of personalities, facilitate change and create new channels of collaboration. This kind of leadership can look effortless, but usually, it’s anything but. Those who are successful invest countless time and energy into honing their leadership skills, often with an experienced coach who facilitates their professional development.

Academic Executive Coaching is a one-on-one and small group-process that focuses on leadership competencies in tandem with the person of the leader. Competencies are crucial. But they don’t define who we are, how people experience us, how we lead or what distinguishes us from everyone else. That’s about who we are as a person. 

 “I can’t overstate how vital Dennis was to developing my confidence and skills as an academic leader. Dennis coached me through approaching tough conversations with faculty and staff, resolving personnel situations, and leading effective meetings with uncooperative faculty.”

Associate Professor and Director, Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Academic Executive Coaching builds a safe and robust environment for leaders to test out new ideas, self reflect, discover how to lead with their principles and develop their leadership proficiencies. 

The results are increased self-awareness, sharper communication, improved relationship skills and work performance, innovative thinking, healthier work communities, increased trust and accountability, enhanced morale and greater overall performance results.

Academic Executive Coaching

The core themes

  • Lead with your principles
  • Navigate difficult conversations and conflicts successfully
  • Build on your strengths
  • Manage your signature struggle – we all have an Achilles heel
  • Strengthen self awareness and acceptance
  • Lead change
  • Improve communication and relationship skills
  • Foster trust and a healthy community
  • Motivate and inspire colleagues
  • Enhance social intelligence

“With Dennis’ leadership our group engaged with real-life issues and concerns, and worked through how to address them. In particular, we spent a great deal of time on being an effective leader of faculty and how to handle complicated interpersonal interactions.”

Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science and International Relations