ALP 180 & 360

Powerful Leadership Assessment

The ALP 180/360 is a powerful resource to assess your leadership competencies, identify your professional and managerial development needs and discover how others perceive your leadership style – and it fills in the gaps that traditional annual faculty evaluations simply don’t cover. The survey is completed online by you and your faculty. ALP 180/360 is fast, user friendly and easy to navigate.

What will ALP 180 do for you

Identify your strengths and leadership competencies through this unique tool. Find out what leadership skills to fortify to increase your success. Discover how the faculty perceives your leadership strengths and areas for improvement. Develop strategies to start refining your leadership skills and attributes right now.

“I am better able to flow and be positive, appreciative and have a better understanding of where my colleagues, staff and students are coming from. I can recognize that so much better now.”
Professor, Chair of Computer & Information Sciences

What you'll receive

An elegant, confidential, easy-to-read 180 feedback report with:

  • item summaries
  • areas of strength
  • development opportunities
  • hidden strengths and blind spots
  • an executive coaching plan

What you'll learn

The ALP 180/360 focuses on leadership competencies and leadership interpersonal skills by assessing how you: execute plans; show appreciation; communicate; lead change; manage administrative responsibilities; align department goals with the university’s vision; and demonstrate empathy.

How it works

Take the ALP 180/360 assessment online. This quick and simple assessment allows chairs an opportunity to self-assess, while giving faculty an opportunity to anonymously assess the chair’s leadership. You and your executive coach will review the final report in a confidential phone consultation. Discover how you are perceived by your faculty. Do they see the same strengths you see? Find the blind spots in your leadership skills and attributes that your faculty sees with clarity.