A Community of Academic Experts

The Academic Leadership Program is produced by a group of dedicated
educators, coaches, mentors, and facilitators committed to supporting
faculty development and success in their administrative journey.
An asterisk (*) denotes ALP Fellows.

Dennis Morris, MSW
Founder & CEO, Academic Executive Coach

George Watson, PhD
Professor & Dean Emeritus

Ismat Sayed Shah, PhD*
Professor & Senior Policy Fellow

Chrystalla Mouza, EdD*
Director & Distinguished Professor

Lou Rossi, PhD*
Department Chair & Professor

Kathryn Meier, PhD, MBA
Assistant Dean

David Wilson, PhD
Senior Associate Dean & Professor

Sue McNeil, PhD, PE*
Department Chair & Professor

Patricia Sloane White, PhD*
Department Chair & Professor

Abe Feuerstein, PhD
Department Chair and Professor

Louise Korver, PhD, BCC, PCC
International Coach